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130km/h charging

Get back on track fast and hit the road one more time before bedtime. QUDO can deliver a charge of up to 130 kilometers per hour and is ahead of the curve in providing efficient charging.

Easy to install and use

The intelligent inner design of the QUDO makes installation intuitive and quick. The charger has a Type 2 socket on the side to make it easy to place and use even in a very small garage.

Free and secure mode

Secure mode requires the use of the authorization-card (RFID-card) provided with the QUDO to start/stop charging.

Area light

The QUDO has a built-in daylight sensor which turns the Area Light on or off depending on the light conditions around it. It can turn on when it’s dark, and turn off when the sun rises.

Charging up to 130km/h
Delay charging
One hand operation
App Free
User Friendly
Space efficient socket
Designed and developed in Norway
Area Light
Free Mode and Secure Mode
Easy to install



The QUDO is a unique charging station with the goal of making the charging process as easy as it can be. To do just that, the QUDO can be operated with only one hand, and charging starts immediately. No app, no extra steps, just plug and play. So easy, so efficient.

QUDO - easiest way to charge your car efficiently



Future is now!

Electric cars are dominating the car market now more than ever, and it will eventually completely take over for carbon-based engines. We have designed a charging station that is suitable for most people, and that works as well for electric cars as for electric boats. Our common goal is to motivate more people to come along on our journey to save the planet, so we made the charging process as easy as possible. The QUDO is a charger for everyone and every electric vehicle.

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