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QUDO is a brand that is
the result of experience and
competence built up over
many years

Our focus is to keep an eye on the market within our field of expertise
and listen to our customers need. A close dialogue with our customers
gives us the advantage of being ahead of the competition and develop
highly requested products. When the market for electrical vehicles
exploded we quickly decided to create the first modular charging pedestal
in the world. A scalable universal pedestal that fits all charging stations.
But why should we stop there? We love to write history, and now something
new has come to life. We are proud to present our new and unique, simple
and loveable, modular charging station for all needs, say hello to QUDO.


The team behind QUDO
consists of dedicated
people with years of shared
experience from the
e-mobility market.

A mix of expert designers, developers and marketers in-house allow us to
respond to our customers request and be ahead of what’s next to come.
Our creative capacity overflows with energy and inspiration, and we always
go all in with head first to create new innovative products that easifies
your daily routines.